How to disable vibrate when call is answered on the ZTE ZMAX?

When I make phone call and person who I call picks up , my zte zmax vibretes for a second. How do I turn off that.

OK way to stop the vibration then right?! Don't care if it doesn't bother anyone just want to shut the damn thing off?!!!!


It's not a matter of the vibrating on the cell phone user end, it causes a horrible obnoxious sound for the person who is answering the call on the other end. It's awful!!

I honestly don't understand the fuss about it. It's just a short vibrate and it lets you know call is answered. It's not like it's gonna vibrate throughout the call.

Well any way, I'm using a different phone but I can disable it by unchecking MO Call Vibrate in Settings > Call settings > Other Settings

The answer is that you can't stop that aggravating vibration. I'm about to throw two of these phones I bought last week in the trash because of that alone. Not sure why anyone would make a phone that forces the user to get a vibration on every call.

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