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charlotte smith

How to turn off headset?

the headset button is on my phone and i can not get it off. the only options it gives me is headset or headset and phone i can only hear someone talk when the speaker is on.

Hey Al, using a needle, check if something is stuck inside the audio port.

I have the same issue with my Alcatel 871A. The headset icon appears at the top of my screen and it seems to be stuck in headset mode, even though I do not have a headset connected to it. I have switched the settings to "headset only" and back to "phone & headset" and it makes no difference. I have powered it down, removed the battery and let it sit for 10 minutes hoping that it would correct itself but no luck. I have also connected and disconnected the headset many times and that won't help either.

Which Alcatel phone are you using? Have you tried plugging in and out the headset to your phone? Or simply restart your phone.

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