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How to transfer songs from computer to the LG Wine?

I have an LG Wine & I can't figure out how to get full songs from my computer to my phone. When i connect my phone to my computer nothing pops up for a divice that is running & When i go into my devices i can't get anywhere either. Please help!?

Here are your options on how you can put music on your LG Wine:

Using a USB connection:
The LG Wine UX280 is compatible with the "USB Mass Storage" norm. Get a USB cable (There might be one in your LG Wine UX280 package) and, linking your LG Wine UX280 to your computer should make it appear as a memory key. Open it and just drag and drop music files straight to your phone, just as if it was a folder in your computer. For the remaining steps, please refer to your LG Wine UX280 owner's manual. The ringtone chapter should explain how to assign an uploaded file as a ringtone.

Using Bluetooth:
Your LG Wine UX280 is Bluetooth-compatible. Bluetooth is a wireless system which lets you connect your cell phone to other devices. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply connect both devices and transfer any music file from your computer to your LG Wine UX280.

Just record sound directly:
Since your LG Wine UX280 is equipped with a sound recorder (also known as "voice memo"), a very simple technique involves simply placing your phone by your computer's speakers, playing whatever song, music or sound you would like as a ringtone, and recording it -- you can even use your voice, your child's voice or even your cat's "meow!" Record it with your mobile and there you go! Unless that function was specifically blocked on the LG Wine UX280, you should be able to navigate to the ringtones section and choose your new recording as a ringtone. Of course, the sound quality won't be optimal but, after all, it's free!

Through a 3G Uploader:
If these tricks do not work with your LG Wine UX280 or if you prefer not to buy extra accessories, you can always use one of the numerous free "3G Uploader" services available online. A search on Katapulco should retrieve plenty of them. 3G uploaders are easy to use: Save your own music on their web site and they will return a URL. Pointing your LG Wine UX280's web browser to that address should download the free ringtone. source

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