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How to transfer playlists directly to SD card on Alcatel One Touch Idol X?

i am trying to transfer all my playlists from my iPod to my Alcatel onetouch Idol X 6040A.
As I am transferring additional playlist, i notice that the content is kept in the internal memory whereas the playlists titles, in the sd "Playlists" folder. 
Now, before the internal memory (5 Gb) is full, some files are transferred to the sd, until the internal memory is full (and then nor all the files are transferable).
The result: i cannot transfer my 20 Gb music to the 32 Gb sd card.
To be sure, under settings and storage i click on the "write to the sd card" button.

Hence my question : what should i do so that the music is transferred directly to the sd card.

Yes, card reader so you can connect your microSD card to your PC. But since you already know how to connect your phone to PC to read the card's contents, then there's no need.

Ok, I assume all your songs/music files are in your PC and since you know how to check the card's content from your PC, simply access the card's contents from your PC and create a folder and copy all your songs there. When done, unplug the phone from the pc and music player app on your phone should detect the songs.

Sorry, posted my answer in the wrong place.

here it is:

Thanks Carl,

1. i dont know what a 'card reader ' is (by connecting the phone to the PC i can of course read the card's contents).   

2. for transferring from iPod to phone i used the TnueGo software, using of the PC (i could not find any other method of transferring playlists from the iPod to the phone; individual tracks, yes, but not grouped in playlists).

 3. however, could you be more specific about your way of  doing it?



Hi Zuriel. Have you tried using a card reader and make the transfer on the computer? Should be fast and easy.

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