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How to transfer pictures from the Motorola RAZR V3 to computer?

I don't have internet service with my phone is there a way I can save the pictures directly onto my computer?

Via USB Cable

1. Turn on your RAZR. From the main menu screen, choose "Settings" > "Connection" > "USB Settings." Select the "Default Connection" option and choose "Memory Card." This will tell your computer to automatically access the RAZR's memory card when connected to the computer.

2. Turn on your computer. Connect the USB cable that came with your RAZR to the phone and insert the other end into an available USB port.

3. Click the "Start" menu on your computer's desktop and click "Computer." You will see your RAZR's memory card displayed in the "Devices with Removable Storage" menu.

4. Double-click on the RAZR's memory card; the files stored on it will be displayed. Drag and drop the picture files you want to transfer into a new folder or an existing one on your computer's hard drive.

5. Disconnect your RAZR from your computer and disconnect the phone from the USB cable.

Via MicroSD card

1. Remove the microSD card from your Motorola RAZR V3i or similarly equipped model.

2. Turn on your computer. Insert the microSD card into the computer's card-reader slot. You might have to attach the tiny card to an adapter to fit the slot.

3. Click the "Start" menu, and then click "Computer." You will see the RAZR's microSD card in the "Devices with Removable Storage" menu. Double-click on it to view the files stored on it.

4. Right-click the picture files you want to transfer and select "Move." Choose the file folder location to which you want to send the picture files.

5. Remove the microSD card from the card-reader slot and return it to your RAZR. source

I found one method that worked for me, on an AT&T Motorola Razr V3 without service, after regular bluetooth, and all the other software solutions (Motorola Phone Tools, BitPim, etc) failed. You WILL need a bluetooth-compatible phone, tablet, or computer/laptop in order to make this work, but it's a different way to access the bluetooth features.

Step 1: You'll need to download Motorola Device Manager (just Google search it, should pop up on Motorola's support pages). This will probably not be enough on its own, but it will give you the drivers your PC needs to recognize the phone. After installation, check in Windows device manager and see if the phone is listed under "Modems." If it is, then you have the correct driver, and we can proceed to step 2. If not, try installing the other two phone programs mentioned (Motorola Phone Tools or BitPim), as they should contain the drivers as well.

Step 2: On your Razr, press the top center menu button, and navigate to your pictures folder (under "My Stuff" on my phone). Then, highlight one of your pictures, and press the menu button again. Select "Mark" if you just want to move a few pictures, or simply select "Mark All" if you have a lot. You can also press the "0" key to quickly mark each picture as you highlight it. After marking the files, press the menu button again, and select "Move Marked Files." You should see an option called "[Look For Devices]". Now, before you press it, make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your other device and that it is in "bluetooth discovery" mode. If you are unsure how to do this...Google it or look at the manual, as it's different for each device. Once the device is in discovery mode, wait a few seconds, and then select the "[Look For Devices]" option on your Razr. It should see your device after a few moments of searching. At this point, your other device will probably ask you for permission to allow the connection...allow it. Wait a bit, don't let your other device fall asleep, and when nothing is moving on either device, you're done. Voila.

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