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tomas larsson

How to transfer pictures from Sony Ericsson Z600 to a computer?

I bought a cord that goes between your cell phone (Z 600) to the PC - but nothing happens ...
Best regards/tl

The best way to transfer data from your Sony Ericsson z600 to your computer is by Bluetooth data transfer. Make sure your computer has Bluetooth capabilities. If it doesn't, you can buy a Bluetooth dongle from Best Buy for less than $20.

To pair your phone with your computer:
1. Menu > Connectivity > Bluetooth > My Devices
2. Choose New Device to search for all types of available devices or More to select a specific type of device to search for. Wait for a connection from remote devices.
3. A "Searching" message is displayed. (If no connection request comes within 3 minutes, your phone will return to My Devices option.)
4. A name of available devices such as PC, PDA, mobile phones or Other is displayed.
5. Enter a passkey (up to 16 digits) for the device, both in phone and, for example, in the PC. (If a passkey does not come with the Bluetooth device when you buy it, you need to create one yourself.)

To send pictures with paired device:
1, Menu > Pictures &Sounds > My Pictures
2. Scroll to the picture you wish to send and press More.
3. Choose Send and select Via Bluetooth as the transfer method.

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