How to transfer music from computer to the LG 505c?

I try to put music on my lg 505c but it wont show up on my computer. i already downloaded the necessary things and have the sd card but it still doesnt show up. what do i do?

Here are the steps to transfer music to your LG 505c:

1. Connect your phone to your PC by inserting the USB end of your connection cable to the PC and the other end to your phone's Charger/USB slot.

2. On your computer, go to "My Computer" and click on "Removable Disk (E:)"

3. Go to your PC and select the music file you want to copy and drag and drop it into the Removable Disk (E:) in the "My_Music" folder. Note: If your "My_Music" folder is not yet appearing, it will be automatically added once you access the memory card through your phone. Simply drag and drop the files into the Removable Disk (E:).

4. When you are finished, click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. Then, click on "Safely Remove USB..."

5. "Safe to Remove Hardware" will be displayed on your PC screen. You may disconnect the USB cable now. source

If this doesn't work, you can simply remove the microSD card from your phone and insert it to your computer's card reader. Your memory card should appear a Removable device located in My Computer.

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