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How to top-up Rogers pay as you go account?

Brigita Majer
Brigita Majer

I don't' now my 4 digit passcode

I got one confirmationto say my top up for texting was recd. Then today when I tried to text, I was told I dont have enough money ?

Dont understand why.

I have rogers pay as you go + texting ($3 per month fee)

Irma Prentzel

where can i on my iPhone find out how much airtime i have left

evelyn schwartz

I would like to top up my cell phone over the net. can it be done. How.?

john mclaughlan
john mclaughlan

Have been trying to top up my pay as you go account for over one ninety minutes without success, could not be transferred to a live connection as they were closed, Internet services were down for some reason or another. What ,if any other means of communication are available and will my balance of unused funds be cancelled.

ray ellsworth
ray ellsworth

I would like to top up my phone

You can top-up your Rogers prepaid account with the use of your credit card or top-up vouchers. Find out the four easy methods to add money to your account, click here.

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