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How to top-up Fido prepaid account online?

bonnie ramnarine

I am not with Fido anymore, I am now with Rogers. I do not have an account with Fido anymore, Fido deleted my account. I wonder why Fido could not wait till my final bill was paid then detete my account. Anyway, what should I do now? All I want to do is pay my last bill. Please advise.Thank you!

bonnie ramnarine

I have an outstanding bill that has to be paid to Fido,so I need a # to call them..

You need to login to your Fido online account, if you haven't registered yet, click here. Once logged-in you have the option to pay directly with your bank account (INTERAC Online) or credit card. For payment using your bank, you need to register first before you can use it.

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