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How to avoid accidentally dialling 911 on the Alcatel One Touch Idol X?

When phone is my pocket it sometimes 911 , its happened twice in the same amount of days . How can I stop this . I have heard you can up grade the software , but I dont have wifi here, How can I fix this problem..
Concerned,,, A.J.

Hi A.J.! Do you normally carry around other stuff in the same pocket that you keep your phone in? If you do, try taking them out and avoid putting them there to prevent any accidental power button presses. If you can prevent these accidental presses on the power button, you can get rid of this problem once and for all.

Also, the phone may have dialed 911 on accident a second time because the number was still saved on the Call Log. So make your way to Call Log and delete the entry for 911 to take care of it.

Let us know if this works!

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