How to resolve heating and charging problem on the HTC Desire 820?

Heating problem and changeing problem .

My HTC 820 started acting wired and was restarting continuously and then it got switched off.. now m nt abLe to either switch it on perform hard rest with the use of volume and power button. Can any one suggest any help

my screen blinks uncontrollably and randomly. i only have a back case. plz advise

afridon mkhomoi
afridon mkhomoi

my phone htc 820s android version 4.4.4 tends to stuck and sometime screen touch tends to miss sense.

I have some problems with my Htc desire 820. The problem is call dropps in the middle of the call or when i call someone, i talk 2 minutes and after that the call dropps. Can someone explain me why ? I want to go to service to ask for an investigate over my phone.

do not open and do not charging my phone certainly off my mobile HTC 820 DESIRE

I bought HTC desire 820s a month ago It works great and I love it. And when I checked for battery usage it was 45 % of battery remains and I plug in its charger and left for about 40 minutes, when I came back to check it again the phone was off and I tried to turn it back on but it won't . Any body know how to fix it?

My HTC Desire 820S is getting restart itslef in every 2minutes.What should i do?

Divya Goburdhun

Recently i bought an HTC 820 nearly two weeks. Now when i am trying to switch it on, the screen is blinking, even i am not able to touch my screen as it's getting on and off. i have tried to charge it more than 10 hours, still it's not working. What should i do?

I bought an 826 two month ago. my mobile is over heating problem

My phone's battery has drained out and not switching on after charging for so many hours please help

I have HTC desire 820q phone. I turned it off before i went to sleep and when i woke up it cannot open . And this is not the first time it has happend to me , while im charging it ( turned off ) it blinks red kind of orange light the first 1-2 times it happend it opend for 1 h but now it wont open can you please help me.

I bought an 820 nearly a month ago. And from today afternoon, it won't charge nor connect with my laptop. It's a piece of worthless shit. Sell it or give it to a homeless or something.

I hate my new HTC Desire 820...
It came from a free upgrade with my current supplier with a better deal than I had before...
My problems are :-
1. It gets really hot, even when doing nothing except sitting in my pocket and I feel the heat radiating from it... if I am listening to music via headphones, I cannot have the phone in my jeans pocket as it gets too hot against my leg.
2. The battery drains of power way too quick for my liking... I play a game for 20 minutes and my battery is drained so much, I cannot play anything else unless I charge it again...
3. I use a powerbank for mobile charging while playing a game called 'Ingress', but I am constantly being told that the phone is unable to charge because it is running too much software... bare in mind that when I do play games such as 'Ingress' (which if anyone knows of the game, requires people to be out and about), I always make sure that I clear the phones memory of all 'recent apps' and only have GPS, Mobile Data and the game running...

I really do dislike this new phone and just wish that I noticed these kind of issues during the first 2-4 weeks of my contract... now 2 months into my contract, there is absolutely nothing I can do about changing it.
With my previous phone 'Samsung Galaxy S3', I had none of these issues in 2 years, the fact that I was able to buy a spare battery helped, but that is something I can't even do for this thing!

My phone is heating working video and mobile data on problem heating...

For all those guys whose phone HTC Desire 820/820s is blinking and not switching on for several hours, can cure this with a remedy which is to let the phone charge for a long period of time(approx. 6-7 hrs) and then watch it,it must show a red light in the phone (indicating active charging) and the phone may restart.

while charging cell phone got heated & some black stripe mark in the display. Please advise..

My mobile phone htc 820 is getting heated so plz tell me what can i do now....
I have purchased this htc 820 in last april
I m gettng worried regardng dis mattr.
please suggest any one how to reslove this issue.

I buy the mobile in 5 month ago.the WiFi is not working plz help me


I bought new htc 820s. It has battery issues.. Its battery is draining very fast but yesterday due to low battery my phn got switched off.. I connected it to the charger the whole night but still it is switched off and the red light is blinking and is not stationary. What to do? How to switch it on??

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