How to set wallpaper in portrait mode in Lenovo A6000?

I am not able to set an wallpaper in portrait mode which would be exactly fitting the screen but it is not happening !! And if I prefer for the landscape images then also the wallpaper is coming half or a side of the screen.plz lemme know the and regarding this issue


Hi, I tried using the Wallpaper Wizard as suggested. However, the photo still gets set in landscape mode spreading into different screens. How do I set the wallpaper in one single screen on portrait mode?

You're welcome! If there's anything else, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

N Mahesh babu
N Mahesh babu

Thank u is working fine with Wallpaper wizard.

For your wallpaper needs, I suggest that you use Wallpaper Wizardrii™ (link). I also use it in my phone to fit photos perfectly. Hope you find it useful too. :)

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