Mauro Zanderigo

How to set up speed dial on the Huawei U2800?

  1. Contacts
  2. Scroll to contact you're wanting to make speed dial from
  3. Options
  4. Option 10 - Manage Contacts
  5. Speed dialing

From here you can delete/assign each number on keypad except "1".

How to assign a phone number to speed dial in sansui s285 mobile please explain step by step please

You have to hold down the 1 key and it will say no number assigned it will say do you want to and say yes

Mauro Zanderigo

Your answer is about as useless as your phone - Your suggestion "Menu - addressbook" Does not give you "'address book "
In my phone 'Menu' gives 'contact' numbers and scrolling down there is no opotion to select 'Speed dial" I WOULD LIKE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS "PLEASE"

Go to Menu > Address Book. You should see the option for speed dial there.

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