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How to set ringtone on the LG 101?

I have a lg101 from virgin mobile and everytime I change the ringtone it never works it some stupid ringtone the phone came with is there anything I can try that will work plz reply asap thx godbless

To assign a ringtone for incoming calls
1. Press Menu -> 7 -> 2 -> 2 -> 2
2. Select All Contacts/ One Contact/ Unknown Numbers
3. Use the directional button to select a ringtone type and press the Left Option Button (OK) to set the ringtone to your phone.

If you do this but the ringtone still reverts back to the default tone, I suggest you visit the store you bought your phone from and personally ask for assistance. There's also a possibility that there's something wrong with your phone. The store rep should know what to do.

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