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kazi minhazul islam

How to repair over heating problem in Samsung Galaxy E5?

your device is overheatting.please turn off to cool down

Switch OFF the mobile and keep in Freezer for 5 minutes and switch ON. I have done this in my phone E5. It works well

i droped my phone in water but after that i keept my phone in rice for 5 day but my phone was charged and after that it is overheating .. if i dont use my phone 2 to 3 day then only its charge what should i do but i have to charge it by power off..

my Samsung was working well.i have bought it 7. 8 months before. But since last 2 days it is really getting hot.what should I do.i do not watch movies and play games on it.i did all this when I had just bought it.

i have not used this phone much since it has been only 2 days i bought it....i was only transfering the apps from my old phone and using gallary

Phone heating up depends on what you do. Watching videos and playing games heats up the phone fast. What are you guys doing when your phone heated up?

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