Mohan Prabhu

How to move images to SecureZone on the Lenovo K3 Note?

In open zone I can see all the SD Card images but in Secure zone I can't. So please help me how to move images to secure zone.

Data on d sd card cant be transferred to secure zone. They cant be seen either in secure zone. U have to follow these simple steps to transfer data to secure zone- 1- transfer d data u want to transfer, to internal storage in open zone. 2. Now go to secure zone n open file browser. 3. Now open 'openuserdata' from file browser. 4. Cut/ copy d thing u want to transfer n paste at d desired location. 5. Transferring done but remember that it isnt of any help unless u give a screen lock in secure zone...

Secure zone lets you hide certain apps, files and notifications with a unique lock code.

What is secure zone in lenovo k3 note

shiva kumar_12629

Mee to same problem.
I think Lenovo support center has to give an update for this issue.

It should be designed with that we should use SD card in secure zone.

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