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How to move files to SD card using file manager on the Verizon Wireless Ellipsis 7?

I am having the same issue, although when downloading the file manager i do see the files i can move to my 16 GB SD card, BUT it won't let me, which the Verizon Tech said shoudlnt be happening. Apparently it should be able to be moved to the SD card, but is not allowing it. His only suggestion was that I removed the SD card without un-mounting it first. I do not believe this is the case as I had only touched the SD card once, as I was putting it in. Is there a method to putting it in, and I messed it up? I cant download the ONLY game i bought it for! Midgard Rising, large game, but I tried downloading smaller games like bejelewled and I was only able to fit 5 or 6 before running out of internal space. I know I can only move downloaded files and pictures and what not but even the file managers wont give me the option to move them. Try a new sd card? or no? Did I just get ripped off? I had visited a Verizon branch store and there the salesperson had no information for me other than the SD card was not meant to be used as a storage device with the tablet im using. NOT TRUE! Help! -Aubrey Bradley age

How do I move files to SD card on ellipsis 7 with file manager?

This is totally worthless I thought it was d SD card bt it's d tablet n d lol who made it..........LIERSSSSS!!!!

The problem is with the tablet, but also the with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. KitKat won't let apps have write access to the sd card without permissions. Prior version,Jelly Bean, did allow this but Google locked it down on KitKat. The Ellipsis 7 didn't come with a file manager that was given these permissions by the developers. If it did, they could have done this. That is how my Motorola phone is...and it is running KitKat. I have the option on my phone to move files to my sd card using the pre-installed file manager. Ellipsis 7 owners have to download a file manager, but since it doesn't have this permission, you're out of luck. The only way to grant permissions to added apps is by rooting your tablet. Not an option for many. The only work around I've found is to use my PC to copy files to the SD card. Its a pain, but that is how I got all my photos, videos, and other downloads on the SD card. There are plenty of websites and videos that show you how to do that. This is a lesson I learned when purchasing my next tablet. Have the salesperson SHOW YOU, not just tell you, that files can be transferred to the sd card. Most of them don't know about this limitation, that is why they tell you it will work. Hope this helps. Bob.

Thanks for all the good input. I was being to think something was wrong with my tablet. NOW I know it is a design flaw with the tablet itself. Tablet is over rated. Can't save anything to the SD card. No option available. I only bought it last year because they don't issue upgrades to the Moto tablets any more. I have a lot of music stored on that card and use it to play music...has great stereo soundl!

Is there any updates on how to "root" the tablet? I want to be able to either move apps onto the sd card, or use some of the additional 8g for storing more apps. I just wanted to know if there was something updated that is newer than a year ago?

Johanna hawley
Johanna hawley

Does ellipsis 7 allow you to transer files to sd card???

My sales person transfered all of the files from my cell to this tablet without asking me. Now I need to figure out how to move em out somehow.

I just don't get it I'm installing so many apps to help me, but it keeps saying '' your device is not compadable with aa sd card!! HELP ME!!!!!!

When I download a movie can I download directly to the SD card... Or move it?

It is frustrating! When I got my Ellipsys 7, the manager of the Verizon store told me a SD card would allow me to move files and save space on internal storage. What a load of poo! Employees there must work on commission, even though they deny it. When the contract and phone number expire on this pos, I will be looking elsewhere for my next tablet, which WILL come with guarantees.

I was having the same problem I called Verizon and was to!d that the ellipsis was not able to move files WHAT A RIP OFF THIS TABLET IS!!! THE SALRS People should tell the whole truth, p!ease save your money and not by this tablet from Verizon wireless.

Wow, really? You can't tell me that the SD Card isn't used to store additional items to save space on your tablet. I had another way cheaper tablet that I was able to move my games, pics, and music to with no problem. Why is the Ellipsis 7 not able to do it was the question. If you don't know the answer then don't chime in with a reply. Again, this may not be one of the more costly tablet but it costs enough to be able to do something as basic as moving files you download or add to the tablet to your SD Card. To those people that have wondered if you put the SD card in wrong, I doubt it because if you try to put it in the wrong way IT SIMPLY WON'T LET YOU.


You can root your device by using the latest version of this (Just use a QR reader and download the APK directly to your device) [] After that use the "Barahmir" option and restart your device. After that your device should be rooted

how do i root my tablet i want to transfer fies onto sd cars

What is meant by "rooting my tablet" and how do I do it?

Hi Aubrey. You can move/copy files such as pictures, music, videos, documents using a file manager. But not apps. You need to root your tablet first before you can move apps from phone memory to memory card.

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