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How to put music on the LG Keybo?

Loaded SD card with mp3 files from music library on computer but only one song will play and I can't even find the rest of them on the phone.


my phone has been playing music fine up till today i went to put another song on and then all the songs dissapeared. windows media player says it syncs them but it still doesnt recognize them on the phone. im thinkin some of my software got bumped. think i could get it back somehow?

i did what you have explained above. but i still cannot get the phone to reconize the music on the folder..but when memory card in placed inside of the lap top it shows music in the folder...please help...

When loading music files on the microSD card of your LG Keybo, make sure you put your music files inside the Music folder so the media player would recognize them. Also make sure that you only put compatible music files (MP3, AAC+, AAC, WMA) on your phone.

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