How to increase the brightness from zero in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?

I have accidently set the brightness of my redmi note to zero its complete dark I cannot see anything , pls help me to increase the brightness..paasword is set on the phone

It didn't work either. So i went to the service center and they told me to re-install and replace some component

The screen is just complete dark, as dark as when the screen is off or when the battery is running out. Anything else is still working, such as answer phone call using power button, accept message notification,  whatsapp chats, instagram notifications, but i can not do anything because the screen is totally dark :(

I have the same issue woth redmi note 3. Accidentally set brightness to zero. Then i tried to expose it to sunlight hoping it will increased the brightness but it didn't work. How do you fix this problem? 

Hi there. I suggest that you go to a dark room and try to adjust it from there. If you really can't see anything at all, I suggest that you have your phone checked.

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