How to hide application icon from the screen on the Lenovo A6000?


How to see hiden

apps in Lenovo a6000 

How do I hide my apps from home screen using ph lenovo k3note of version 6. 0. How do I unhide that hided apps on to homescreen

Hi kapil. Please back read. Posts above should help you. :)

How to hide app in Lenovo vibe k5 plus

Nova launcher is not free plz suggest any free app

How to hide the app on lenova a6000 plus

I am using Lenovo vibe 1m -mobile-please inform how to hide some secret application.

I have hide my apps in KitKat version of lenovo a6000 plus using parental control in security app.Now I want to unhide these apps but even on disabling the parental control ,my apps does not reappear.So what should I do?

I install apps lock and when I open this app I have hide this app but I want to uninstall this app. it doesn't uninstall. How can I do ?

I have hide my app in kikat version but recently I have updated the lollipop ,in security there is no perental control...tell me plz how can I recover my hided app on lenovo 6000plus??

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