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How to fix the led notification of Huawei Honor Holly?

Plz give me a way to fix the led notification of honor holly

Notification led how to on

I am using honor holly but my led notification is nt onn so how can I on it plz rply

Bharath KumarI

awesome it's work's great!!!!!!!

Sign- in or sync error icon (i.e. exclamation mark inside the triangle) is shown in notification bar. How can I find where the problem is?

What do you mean by fix? Does it malfunction or is it not working? Or do you want to reprogram (sort of) the LED notification? If you want to reprogram it, you can download apps from Google Play store that let's you customize which color of light for each notification.

Example of those apps are:
- Light Manager (link)
- Light Flow Lite (link)

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