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How to fix multiple problems with the ZTE Warp?

ZTE Warp my phone is only 6 months old and i'am having several problems, it cuts off by itself, the battery gets really really hot,it freezes up, it also says network error these are a few of the problems. I have already reset it once and all of these problems only happened after i reset it.I contacted 1 of your representatives just before the New Year holiday and she said she would e-mail me instructions on what to do! Here it is the 3rd and I have not heard a thing, my husband has a zte warp and has had it almost 1 year and has had no problem (knock on wood). I contacted BoostMobile and they told me to contact you, so I went to the site and something called Cell Phones came up and I e-mailed, I got a reply and they said I had to contact ZTE, this is what I thought I was doing, i'am totally confused here and not satisfied, not only that but the rep I talked to said I would have to pay for shipping, this is not right as the phone is still under warranty.

my son accidentaly factry reset my phone what can I do to get it to work back plase tell me.

My Zte Warp will not take pictures, only selfies...Please Help, Thank You

Ive had my zte warp elite phone about 6months.  The other day it would not turn on and it was charged. Boost store got it back on. Now the blue circular light on the bottom is stuck and lit blue and i cannot get my phone started i tried soft reset . It doesnt work. My phone is done. Smh

I have a ZTE warp sync and the camera has disabled

I updated my phone,now I have two notification bars on top of each other,it also has a voicemail icon with no voicemail, I have already called and reboot and clear cache, WHAT DO I DO NOW

how to turn off message google search has stopped

The zte warp dropped back 1st onto the ground. Only issue is it says battery unlplug allow to charge a few mins. The thing is the battery is fully charged before that had happened. It can come on but shuts off after the zte logo appears, and continues in that same formation. It seems like it could come back on fully but need to know what can be done maybe the cpu was damaged do to the drop and maybe it shocked the system any suggestions. ???

My zte freezes up and he battery doesnt come out. What do I do

can not here good and the other person can not here me .

I have a problem with my phone it's a ZTE I dropped it a couples time, I tried to turn it on it would glitch it will shut off. Even if I try to charge it it will come on, but it will shot off it will have a red light. But I try to turn it on. There's nothing please help me...

I installed 2 games on my phone for my grandson after I uninstalled them now I can't install anything it says I have no air no space left on this device how can I solve this problem


My Zte will not ring on incoming calls


Throw you phone away and get a different one preferably NOT a ZTE


My Boost ZTE Warp mod#N860 is having all kind of issues--- freezing up,re booting by itself, drop calls. Now i have no ideal when I'm getting a call because my phone doesn't ring. I go to settings--phone ring tones and i get a try again--force close. Joy joy, can you help me out or should i throw it and count how many times it skips

I'm having the same issue right now my phone is showing lines across and from top to bottom looks like an LCD TV it was working fine yesterday until I unplugged it from the charger and it started to fade and different lights come out looking distorted maybe its water damage I turned off the phone did a reset turned it off again and started sucking air from the phone some lines dissaper but they come back I only did that for a couple of minutes but the lines across ate still there and I think they are gonna stay there because when the screen is off you can see them idk what else to do I should try the store my phone is barely gonna be 2 months old shame I really liked this phone but can't afford another one right now so ima have to suck it up

Omenga A Kormoh

I have a problem with two of my Zte phones. One will go off totally when calling another person and except I take the battery of before login on the phone again. The other one, I will call and some body will answer but the person will not hear me at all. Please help me solve the said problems

I have a zte warp, i have issues with the soft buttons not lighting up. This is a big problem i can't see the buttons. Evidently according to cnet review this is how the phone is. Also the only way to screen on from sleep is by pressing the power key. This eliminates the power button to end calls option. I can't recommend this phone. Take it back.

go to your phone an update software on your computer or get a samsung galaxy s2....if zte soft ware dont work...

In this case try this option.1.Power off the phone.
2.Press and hold Vol+ key and Power key simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the some option appear on the screen which are reboot system now; apply update from sdcard; wipe data/factory reset; wipe cache partition.
3.Use Vol+ key and Vol- key to move the cursor to "wipe cache partition" and press camera key to confirm it.
4.After 5 seconds, the cursor will be on "reboot system now" again and press camera key to confirm it. The phone will reboot automatically.
This will solve the issue

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