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Annette H Alberts

How to delete NEXT character, NOT PREVIOUS character?????

I KNOW about "backspace"....I want DELETE, so I can delete the NEXT character and don't have to position Exactly right after mistake and backspace.

This might be because of the keyboard app that you are using. If most smarphones you can click on a specific character to delete them but it might be better to highlight the word that you want to change. It is hard especially if you have big fingers that can impede on your typing. Hopefully, you find a solution to your problem because I can see that it has been bothering for a while given the way you have typed your post title lol

Hi Annette. I think that will depende on which keyboard app you're using. I remember seeing a Delete key on a tablet but that was long time ago. I'm not sure if any keyboard app still have it. If you're on Android, press and hold on spacebar then swipe it left or right to move the cursor instead of tapping on it.

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