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How to delete instant upload pictures on the LG Motion 4G?

  • LG Motion 4GLG Motion 4G

It keeps coming back


Thank you I've tried everything and nothing're great thanks

hey, i tried that but still my phone still has deleted the uploaded pics.

You're welcome Shawn. If my post worked for you, please click on the Helpful button to help other people find this solution faster. Also, if it`s your first visit here in Cell Phones Etc. we would be happy to have you as part of our community. Join now, it's absolutely free.

thank you very much, im not the person that asked but this was perfect for me.

Hi Samuel. Try this:

1. From the Home screen, touch the Menu Key .
2. Touch System settings > Apps > All
3. Choose Gallery > Clear data

Hopefully this solution works for you. Good luck!

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