How to contact Wind Italy?

Hello, can you sent me email for write in Italy Wind? 

I am very disipoint! wind in Italy stiling money from my account! my tell;  Hennadiy Havrilov from Czech Republic... I sow that early but today, I put 5 euro on account, call at 13.09 and left my credit 4.07 euro, next my call was 18.42 it's call cost 1 cent, but on my accout show 2.07 euro! WHY? IT'S STILING!

babatunde Akewusola
babatunde Akewusola

I bought wind sim card yesterday and I was told my sim will be activated in 24hrs up till now my sim hasn't be activated

imran bhatti

hello my name is imran bhatti from battipaglia italy.i want open agency in battipaglia.because already i have shop money tranfer and inter net and lyyca mobila sim to cntct with you

I was also stolen by Wind Italy 4 euro: they charter me for internet the day after I USS. They don't allow you ti send an e-mail because they know a lot of people will complain! What a bad company!

I have a wind mobail italy sim it is expair because i am not in italy from a along tim i ame now i am coming back i need my number active before i am there i am coming on 12/10 2012 please help mi

Why, Wind stilling my money? it's not correct from so big company! I sow that early, but my last visiting Italy proving me! I buy credit 5 euro on my tell: 328 1035353, I called some one, last my call was 20.06.12 at 13.09 on number 333 7430841 sms show me that left 4.09 euro! 18.42 I call to 3894381137 it's was short, sms show me that take only 0.01 cent, but my credit already 2.07 euro! next day I called 21.06.12 at 15.30 2 minute, and my call stop because no credit! why? my coiling 15 cent per minute!
Please back me credit! or I will write on all web, that you stilling money! and change your company tell...

I checked their website but was unable to find an email address. Call them through the number I gave and maybe customer reps can provide you with the email address.

but not have a email address? because i have the same problem like @Hennadiy

You can contact Wind Italy customer service by dialing 155 on your Wind Italy phone.

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