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How to use the Motorola Q9h as a modem?

with my netbook Toshiba

You can use your phone as a modem to dial in to a network. To do this, you need a Bluetooth wireless or USB cable connection.

Modem-Link with Bluetooth wireless
To use Bluetooth wireless to modem-link to a network you must have a computer that has Bluetooth capabilities for modem-link to work with Bluetooth wireless.
1. To make sure other Bluetooth devices can find your phone, you must first turn on Bluetooth wireless. To do this on your phone, press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings then toggle Status to Bluetooth ON.
2. On your computer, launch the Bluetooth devices applet from the task bar.
3. On your computer, right-click the Bluetooth icon in the Windows task bar, select the Quick Connect menu, Dial-up Networking and then Find devices.
4. The computer finds your phone and shows the dial up networking window. Make sure the box “Allow other Bluetooth devices to see this phone” is checked. Now you can use your phone as a modem to connect to a service provider or network.

Modem-Link with a USB cable
To use a USB cable with your phone to connect with modem-link to a network, first you must install networking drivers onto your computer.
1. On your computer, place the provided Getting Started Disc into the CD Drive on your computer.Your computer automatically launches the Getting Started Disc. Get the latest version of the Getting Started Disc here
2. In the Getting Started Disc application, go to the Additional Tools screen and select the Dial-Up Networking Software.
3. Follow the prompts as directed to install the drivers onto your computer.
On your phone:
4. Now, you need to enable modem-link on your phone and install phone drivers:
Turn on your phone, press Start > Settings > Connections > USB Device Type > Modem and press Done.
5. Using the USB data cable, connect the phone to your PC. The driver is installed on your computer and ready for setting up a network connection.
On your computer:
6. After you set up your computer and phone, you can establish a new network connection on your computer:
Note: This procedure might not work on all
computers. Please refer to your computer
operating help system for more information.

Source: Moto Q9h Manual

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