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How to check minutes left on SaskTel prepaid account?

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how do i find recent activity

You can check and add money to your prepaid account through your phone, by text message, or online.

1. Phone

- Dial 1-877-214-7070 from any phone or Dial #321 from your Prepaid Wireless phone
- Enter your ten-digit cellular phone number when prompted
- Press 1 to apply a prepaid card to the account
- Press 2 to check the account balance

2. Reminder Messages - You will be reminded of your balance using in-call messages.

- 4G phone - You will hear a pre-call message starting at 10 minutes of service remaining. You will also hear a tone when you have 30 seconds of talk time remaining (“You have ‘x’ minutes remaining on your account. At the tone, you will have 30 seconds of calling remaining”).
- CDMA phone - You will hear pre-call messages starting with 10 minutes remaining (“You have ‘x’ minutes remaining”). You will also hear mid-call messages to warn when there are 10, 5, and 1 minute remaining (“You have ‘x’ minutes remaining”).

3. Text Message

Text the word "balance" to short code 438225 (GETBAL). You'll receive a text message back that says: "Your balance is $xx.xx". Texting to this short code is free for both sent and received messages.

You must text to this short code from the prepaid phone that you wish to obtain the account balance for (it cannot be done from another phone). The short code works in wireless coverage within Canada

4. Online

Go to and click on Manage my services. Under My Wireless, select "Log in to your Prepaid Wireless Online Account". You can view your current balance and/or create an auto recurring top-up. source

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how do i find my balance on my account?

dial pound 321 send and operator will tell u what to do

Create your Prepaid Wireless Online Account. By creating a Prepaid Wireless Online Account, you will also have access to your prepaid account balance, your upcoming monthly recurring charges, and a 6 month payment history which will display details of top-ups added to your account and any monthly charges.

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