How to check airtime minutes on Tracfone?

How does one view air time on this tracfone?

Hi John. Try this - go to Menu ➔ Prepaid ➔ Airtime info. Let me know if that works.

For the ZTE Valet, I haven't found an on-phone method, sign in to your tracfone account and check airtime there. If there is an on-phone app I'd like to find it too.

Tracfone has an official android app for this on google play:


I just purchased a ZTE Valent tracfone. I can't find the menu to find out how many minutes I have on the phone. HELP

there must be some way to show airtime on the zte valet, but I don't know it.

How can I keep up with my minutes on my Tracfone android 4.4 optimus smartphone without downloading an app and giving a credit card number thanks! Michael

tracfone service day Samsung galaxy centura

Henry Gathright

how do I check my minutes on a ztz tracphone

Sandra Carrell

I need help - how do you put time on my tracphone - how do you check the minutes????

Please help me!! Thank You in advance.

I have a tracfone samsung galaxy centura android smartphone 4.0. How do I find remaining minutes and how do I add additional minutes

How to check airtime on ZTE Trackphone? Thanks

Heloisa DiGangi

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Android and I am having a hard time
to find out how to get Remaining Balance of my air time.

Please , help me

mary kirkland

I cannot find how to check my minutes on my huawei phone

how do ou check min. on MAXPATRIOT ANDROID

roger gaines

how do I check air time on my LG SUNSET LTE LGL33L

Cynthia Hobbs

How can I find out my airtime minutes on my Tracfone ZTE ? How to get to menu ?

Cynthia Hobbs

How to find my airtime minutes on my Tracfone ZTE. hOW DO I GET TO THE MENU ?

how do I add minutes on to a galaxy centura with a tracfone card

Just bought LG L34C and can't figure how to check remaining minutes. Got any ideas. Thanks!

how can I check on my phone how many minutes are available?

for tracfone "Smart Phones" can type in *777*1# to get the usage numbers...totals... Put it in your contact calling list with an @ sign before the name you call it and you and it will be at the top of the contact list... Just call the "conract" nane and wala your usage info will appear...

How do I find out remaining minutes on Maxpatriot android phone?

Bonus! Enter your Phone Number on this Page to See Your Airtime Balance:

Visit and enter your phone number to retrieve your balance.

I got my balance really quick for a Tracfone ZTE Citrine

what number add more minutes on slip phone

To check ZTE airtime go to and enter phone number & a few digits from serial number

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