How to change language back to English on ZTE phone?

okay myzte phone it's all in another langue i need to switch it back to english how to do that pleaseit come up in another langaue how to get rid of it even the menue is in another langue what to do??

Phone ZTE N817 some of the language changed to Dutch. How can I get it back to all English?? Many thanks


Im use ZTE BA520.... china mobile 4G.... the problem is im can't change the language from setting..... can you  help  me

I just figured it out. Go to settings, look for the WORLD icon. Underneath the TE icon. Click on the WORLD icon, and it's the first option (the top one). When you click on it, you will find English. "Drops Mike". 

On my ZTE Maven the Language Icon is the planet.

How do i change the language on my phone


Zte grand x quad lite mobile phone not accept my Telugu editor

hi there.
if you don`t know your phone model, try this:

1. Tap Home Key -> Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language.
2. Select a language from the list given.

i understand you may not be able to read the menu now... but try all menu list items.
good luck.

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