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How to change fonts on the ZTE ZMAX?

I have this big phone which is nice, but not only to notice it DOES NOT have FONTS. I feel it would be better if you help us find or provide us with FONTS.

Not fear!!! Not Kool font?!

So boring.....

I want my Samsung galaxy back.

I've ALWAYS changed fonts on ALL my previous Androids BUT NOT ON THIS ZTE PRO MAX or wth it is... I feel stuck!! Upgrade on this device folks... How blaise is this poop!?????????????????? 

How do I change my fonts to smaller on the ZTE zmax pro 

I was pretty bummed there's no way to change the font .. 

Hello, how do I change the font on my zmax phone...

How to I change the font on my ZTE max pro

How do I change the big fonts on my ZTE ZMAX pro 

Do we not have any kool fonts on ZMAX after these little updates have been installed but no fonts,??

Okay, I honestly do not know. Hopefully they will have a software update to change fonts on the ZTE since the last update allowed us to have Video Calling and various other small changes. 

Why we can't change the font thus ozone us koo but how you make a phone with no font changer...  I think I'll get my iPhone6s+ back since y'all playing 

How do you change the font why can't we have different colors or the message font 

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Source: Wikipedia

Hey there guys! Try using iFont (link) to change fonts. Let me know if that works for you. :)


How do you change fonts on the ZTE z970?

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