How to cancel Mint Mobile

I received my Mint Mobile SIM. I went to activate my phone service, and apparently Google has me security-locked out of my phone. Neither Samsung nor Google are willing to help, but my normal Google account user name and password don't work. I bought this phone a year and a half ago -- factory unlocked. I took it to Europe and bought a 20-day SIM while I was there. It worked fine. I came home and stowed it in a drawer. I took it out when I heard about Mint Mobile. But now the phone won't let me in. I am unable to activate my Mint Mobile service. This is so frustrating. How does anyone think that have the right to lock me out of my own phone?! I have provided Samsung with my original sales receipt. They said they would "flash" y phone so I could use it, even if I didn't buy my phone originally from them. Then they recanted and said they were unwilling to help because I didn't buy my Samsung phone from them. (I bought it as a factory refurbished unit from a seller on eBay). Now I have a perfectly good phone that is like new, and I can't even use it. I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue. I am a disabled senior, and spending money to buy a new phone is not an option now. If Mint Mobile cannot help with this issue, how do I get a refund for the Mint Mobile service I can't use? Please help. Steven Coach

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