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How to add words to the T9 database of the Casio G'zOne Rock?

I like the phone but it does'nt seem to remember new text words that I commomly use... is there a setting? I have had other Verizon phones and they did not have this problem.

If a word is not in the T9 database, add it by using Abc (Multi-tap) mode text entry. To add a new word, follow these steps from the text entry screen:
1. From the text entry screen, in Abc mode, press 5 > 5 > 6 >6 > 6 > 7. “Kop” is displayed.
2. Press the Left Soft Key, select T9 Word, then press the Center Select Key [OK].
3. Press and hold the Clear Key to erase the existing word.
4. Press 5 > 6 > 7. “Kop” is displayed.
5. Press # to accept your choice and add a space.

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