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How to add new contacts to Virgin Mobile myPeeps?

i have no idea where to go to add new contacts to "my peeps" do i have to go into the virgin mobile store to set this up? or is there an online way that im too stupid to find.

Hey wade, I think you are thinking of the my Buddies feature which can be managed through the myAccount app. The myPeeps feature is for when you have multiple phone lines on your plan; they can all call each other for free. 

Hope that helps

Hey If it is part of your plan than go to this link and will find how... I would say ot but it sows you how to do it on your phone and computer

So does that mean I can call my mom or my brother because there both with virgub mobile too? Am I correct?


how does my peeps work exactly and did u figure out how to set it up?

What if a person has an account with Bell? Does the proposed member have to open up an account with Virginia Mobile to become one of my peeps?

Hey wade. You may have to contact Virgin Mobile to add a new member to your account. You can add up to 5 members to your account and automatically get unlimited calling to each other.

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