How to activate Fido SIM card?

Hi, i need help with my sony ericsson phone.
It is z310a and my sim card isn't activated. I don't know what to do.
Plz help! :{
Thanks! :D

my sim not working an i just brought it

I bought I phone 6 and I have the SIM card but I don't now how to activated


well yes i know that. thats why im asking if theres a way to do it online, but FREE. If i call fido they might tell me i have to pay :(

Heres the reason why :
I am 17 years old and i still don't have a phone or an ipod. Which i really, really want one. We live in Canada which is not where we were born. So stuff are more expensive i here than in my country. You see? That's the only reason why i can't have a phone. But he found that phone, the Sony Ericsson and with a Sim card in it in the street. But no one has paid for the Sim card. You know fido wants you to pay every week, which my dad can't. So it's inactivated. That's why i thought of this idea, of trying and find a cool way to activate it for free :) I'm just wishing for luck. I barely use my phone cause it's useless :{ Sorry that was so long, but i had to tell u maybe u can help or have some ideas. Thank u for being pation, for trying to help, and i wud say, you tried ur best in ur answer :) Bye and hope u will replay! :D

You can give Fido a call or you can do it online. Click here to activate your SIM card.

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