Don Cranford

How to activate Telus prepaid phone?

I have tried several links but I still can't get the right link. I get so far and when it tells you t choose your province I click Newfoudland and it says "no results". Please help me!!!!

winniefred spear chief
winniefred spear chief

activeing my new cell phone

I activated my phone online but my phone still says no Sim inserted and I already put in my top up card what do I do

Pamela Robinson
Pamela Robinson

I need to activate my new sim card on a prepaid telus phone that's already set up

i recently lost my sim card, so i bought another sim for my telus prepaid phone. i just found my lost sim card and i put the lost card back into my phone and it will not work. i put the lost sim card into a friends cell phone and it worked. just wondering why i can not use both sims on my cell phone. i need my lost/found sim to alert my friends that i am no longer using that number and to check messages. i just do not want to give my new number because i just left a bad relationship. please help

Activate your Telus prepaid phone, click here.

Just follow the instructions and you will be able to activate your phone.

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