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marilyn keats

How to access Telus email on my PC?

Not able to ascess my e-mail on my pc do i have a setting changed on my phone?

Betty Callaghan

Cannot not access my email after downloading windows ten

my email messages will not send and I cannot open many of my saved files. Please help

 Patricia Lampman
Patricia Lampman

I have my email info verified but can't find a Telus email address to send it to.- please tell me where to send it..

Carol Collison
Carol Collison

Why does it say on my Iphone cannot get mail, the user name or password for Telus is incorrect, when I havent changed my password please advise.

The log-in details should be the same on your phone. Try to remember if you have changed your password recently. If you believe that all the details are correct but you still can't log-in, contact Telus for assistance.

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