How long is the Samsung Galaxy Prevail warranty period?

Nancy Rodriguez

i had called to send my phone in because I had less than a month with it before it completely shut off never turned back on. I was supposed to receive an email so I can send it in to the samsung so it can b checked or replaced but I was not available to get the email I needed to send it . If I could get the email sent again to my new email I got my phone information to send it bak

William Dant

I was sent a ups mailing code to have my phone
Sent in for a repair on my speaker but was not able
To send it in within the 30 days due to not having a
replacement phone. I now have a temporary phone I
can use until my phone is fixed. Please respond as soon
As possible. Thanks

Samsung backs up the Samsung Galaxy Prevail with a 1 Year parts & labour warranty.

If you've got a Samsung Galaxy Prevail that is on the fritz and is within its warranty period, you can find Samsung's contact information here.

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