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How do you update ZTE Quartz?

I've had my phone 3 years and it won't update says same thing have done factory resets to it to keep it going where do you go for refund or how can I update the software

Why did they get fined? I have this phone and telling me the same thing and it will not update at all.

Well I called today after I got a Txt about my total wireless plan that said the FCC had fined them & I am entitled to a refund or exchange credit for my phone if it can't be unlocked as it should be... So I called the tech told me that since my phone.wohld not update from.the software verain that it was I could get the exchange credit towards another phone! I know this is an old post or thread but I found out today so.all of you woth these old phones ya might wanna check around see if you have a refund credit available!

Most phones have it in Settings > About phone > Software update
Please check.

every time i try to check for an update on my phone it tells me that my data service is not available please try again later...what does that mean? and my notification bar while not slide down how do i fix that?

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