How do you take quick mode off Acer Liquid Z3?

 and to just have the normal mode

I accidentally uninstall my quick mode app then my phone got a system error.the system is automatically now my phone is not me on this thanks.

dont forget your password after using. i mean password quick mode.that password not same for everyone.put your easy password.when the quick mode it play again, dont panic just go to setting and put in your password..good luck friends

After you completly erase this app data reset phone And when you are in Quick mode menu i mean that where it give you choice between standard,easy And kids mode Just repeatedly pres Back Burton on your phone below display until it finaly turns Back on regual wall it worked for me! 


I actually had to download Go Launcher to exit Quick Mode :/

I tried every ways you guys stated but it's still annoyed me. Someone please tell me how to exit from this hell

Here is a clip showing way to exit the Quick Mode:

Uhm guys for Liquid Z530 here's how you deactivate the quick mode. I actually had this done for about 15 to 30 minutes so if you're really determined to escape from this sucking quick mode then you gotta have patience. This method I've done is kind of a trial and error. First thing I did is to force stop the app and delete the data of the terrifying app. I did these a lot of times and it somehow worked out. The app was forced to exit and then I got out of the hell. However I believe this isn't only the factor that made the quick mode off. While doing these stuff ( deleting data and forcing the app to stop ) I downloaded, actually updated the Acer live mode, i believe. This one is very crucial because when I was able to exit (kill) the terrifying app, the phone gave me two choices, if I would continue to have the Quick mode app or the Acer live mode. So just saying I won this terrifying battle and claimed victory over it when I clicked Acer live mode app and clicked ALWAYS. And yeah. It totally worked. Next thing that the system asked me is to Update google services so that the Acer live mode app can live by as itself. Good luck and be patient guys i know and i experienced it myself to live by having that terrifying home theme. The lesson I learned here is that I shouldn't be clicking here and there, trying to be a know it all and a developer wannabe. Well it's really terrifying, the same way as how much I've used this word. Another thing I learned here is I should look on every threads or discussions about the phone I'm gonna be buying. Innocence is sometimes equals to ignorance. Wouldn't be really have to stay awake so high this night if not because of my innocence and arrogance. Nevertheless, I don't blame the malfunctions and bug in this uproars by Acer.

Same here.I can't exit quick mode even I had follow the phone is z330.someone please help me.its annoying.

please can u help me .. i forget my Quick mode password whats i can do ???

same problem... followed all the step mentioned above.. still quick mode is not exiting.. liquid z530... please someone... it's irritating

Answer this model is z530 I follow these steps but it's not working

Answer this model is z530 I follow these steps but it's not working

There is an option at the setting.. "Exit Quick Mode" but it doesnt work for some devices for unknown reasons.

how to change easy mode to standard mode in my acer liquid z630s mobile, pls kindly give reply with clear details, my contact no

You can leave this modus it works, luckyly took me some searching

On my Liquid Z520:

1. Go to settings,
2. Down below press Close QM

Same with my phone, I had to reset it to factory setting. Three men from the shop where I bought my phone could not deactivate quick mode. -> Warning!

I had open the quick mode option and after using ur given steps then also its not working

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