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Debbie Mmaggi

How do you take a screenshot on the Ellipsis 7?

I think I just figured it out. You must hold in the power button and press the bottom of the volume button together. It will not work for me unless I press the bottom part of the button, or the most right side of it if on top.

bend Strickland
bend Strickland

Ihave attempted a screenshot every way that it is been published for my ellipsis 7 holding down the the two buttons holding down the shutter button and the HOME key nothing works is there anything out there that can helpI use my screen shot quite often and not be able to make it work nowI need any help I can get

To take a screen shot on Ellipsis 7, hold the power button and volume down button at the same time. You will see the screen flash and the sound of a camera taking a picture. The picture will be in the Gallery

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