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How do you know if battery of Motorola WX416 is fully charged?

Currently there is a blue light on and a display icon of a battery that is 50% shaded dark. The charger has been plugged into the phone for 4hrs now?

Douglas Crews

I have just been given a Moto Go Flip cell phone as a gift and it seems that after a couple of hours, it seems to hum a little. I disconnected it and it seems fine. But hey, I just plugged in my WX416 back and it started to charge. Now looking at the display on the front of the phone, on the top, the battery icon on the right is showing it is charging.


Hi Ken. It may take another 2 hours to charge your phone. It will take longer if you keep on using it while it's charging. You may want to turn it off to make it charge faster. That's what I do with my phone if I want to charge it quicker.

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