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How do you get the camcorder working correctly on the Motorola Quantico?

When I have tried using the camcorder on my Quantico it acts like it is recording but then after I save it and then try to play it, it says every time "Unable to play video"

Yes Grindale, I have tried that already and no it didn't work. A couple days ago when I first got to work and it was just starting to snow I decided to just try it by setting it to the MMS mode and just pointed it around our parking lot until it stopped and went to the send choice. I pushed the send button and before going to "who to send it to" it said saved. I then sent it to my wife and while she was getting it I tried to play the saved video. It came up saying "Unable to play video" just like before. My wife received it from me but her phone does not have a camcorder so it can only be viewed on her phone as a slide show. She then sent it back to me and I can watch it from the message she sent me. I tried saving it from that point and it said saved but when I went to play it, it again said "Unable to play video". It seems odd to me that I have run into this on a refurbished Quantico and a brand new Quantico and I have not found more people that this is or has happened to. Thank you for the idea.

Hey Carl. It could be a bug. How about you restart your phone and then try capturing a video again and see if playback works. Let me know how it goes.

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