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How to download music to the SD card of ZTE Grand X Max+?

Everywhere it says that the grand x max + offers up to 32 g of extra memory via sd card. Well how do you get the phone to put music and apps on the card? The app menu doesn't even recognize a sd card for memory. It tells you what's in the internal memory, what's running or what's downloaded, nothing about the sd card. Except you can tell it to store on sd card, but it still stores on phone. Am I missing something?

I downloaded music to my phone but it sends it to downloaded files instead of my music

I download the music on my phone but its not on my music but its under downloads and I can't put the music I downloaded with the rest of the music

Simply connect the phone to a computer and in your computer, it'll show 2 different storage in your phone. One is phone memory and the other is the SD card.

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