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How to turn on speakerphone on the Motorola WX416?

well captDave2013 the bluetooth thing didn't work ole buddy factory reset--- bluetooth off--- and it still goes to hands free and when you click it it hangs the friggin fone up. whatta piece of junk.

J David Patterson

Pressing "options" (lower left hand corner button) will NOT ever turn speakerphone on or off on the Motorola WX416.
IF your speakerphone function (on the WX416) IS available when you place an outgoing call, the words SPK ON will show in lower right hand corner. To turn speaker ON then push button below the lower right corner of the screen and speakerphone will work.
IF you do not see the SPK ON indicator when making a call, and instead, you see HANDS-FREE, you probably have your Bluetooth Power ON, therefore disabling the speakerphone. So go to "settings" and "connectivity" and turn Bluetooth Power OFF.
This happened to me. I could NOT turn the Bluetooth Power Off, even thouugh I tried 3 times.
You can try a simple reboot by turning the phone OFF and removing and reinserting the battery. If this does not help the issue then do a Factory Reset, as descibed below.
In my case the FIX was - DO a Factory Reset (but first move contacts and other important things like audio, video and photo files, to your SIM card). Reset code for this Consumer Cellular phone is 1122 and you can find Factory Reset choice at the bottom of the "settings" window and enter the code after pushing OK at Factory Reset.
Understand that the speakerphone function will NOT work when Bluetooth power is on. This is not a SmartPhone and you must tell it how to perform through the "settings" window and other menu options.
In my case, my phone needed a FACTORY RESET as the Bluetooth Power would not disconnect when asked politely. Or rudely.
Hope the above advice helps. Good luck.

Try this -- during a call press Options and there should be an option to activate the speakerphone.

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