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How do you turn off keyboard sounds on the ZTE F160?

I've checked through the main menu and I cannot find a way to mute the keyboard sounds they are terribly annoying !

Option 01 - Go to home screen -then settings - next Language & input - afterwards click on right side changing settings small icon next to Android Keyboard Settings then remove the tick from Sound on key press.

Option 02 - Open your keypad and press on the setting key (Bottom of the Left side of your keyboard next to numerous key) then select your keyboard from input option (Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP)) and remove the tick on Sound on key press. That's all!!

Hope this might help!!

How do i change ringtones on my Rogers ZTE flip phone?

i need an answer for this question too
how do i turn off keyboard clicking sound
i have zte f160 with fido plz

Hi there! From idle mode, select Menu> Settings > Sound Profiles. Select a profile and press the Left Soft Key for Edit. Select Keypad tone to enable or disable keypad tone.

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