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hasibul sheikh

How to use WhatsApp in Lenovo A6000?

Though internet connection is working in my lenovo a 6000, whats app is not working. If my device is connected with wifi, it works. but i want to use it through my mobile Data. So what i do?

same problem to my bloddy phone whatsapp didnt connect with mobile data and this bloddy phone always strucks dont buy lenovo ,it is a worst thing

krishna sulakhe

how to instal whatsapp in lenovo 6000

i too have d same using google search through my data well but i couldn't use watsapp. plsss someone tel d solution

Neeraj Kumar

Through internet connection WhatsApp is not working . my device is connected with Wi-Fi it works ,but I want to use it through my mobile data so what to do?

Dear sir/mam
Problem in my mobile. WhatsApp all rread iinstal but after very first the no. But not connect what's aap. Sir/mam I am very sorrow. Please tall me step by step. I hope yyo please.

Priyanka biswas
Priyanka biswas

What nonsense is going on in Lenovo A6000 ? Watsapp just not working in it

How to install WhatsApp in my phone . say the procedure

Same problem with me ,whats up is not working

Wifi is conct WhatsApp don't contact mobile data 2g/3g/4g all

Same problem here too.. With Mobile internet with 2G it works fine. But with WIFI 3G/4G it doesnot works.. Pls provide us the solution

Same problem for me to..when WiFi is on what's app is working but not when mobile data is on

But my phone is having 3g data connection but then also its not working

It's not that it's not working since you mentioned that you can use it when connected to Wi-Fi. Your data connection must be just too slow that WhatsApp seem not to be working. Try going to an area where reception is great then see if the app will work.

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