How to use Mi-Easy Access?

Unfortunately, the phone needs to have the main screen security set to "long press". Then when you push the power and get the lock symbol, touch the lock symbol and flick it in any direction to get the menu. Woohoo!

when I tap on my app it deletes itoff the MI circle

I added the app to the "Mi-easy access" wheel. Now when I wake the phone, spread open the "Mi-easy access" wheel and push a deletes. i thought it would go to that particular app I just touched. Help


Doesn't work on my valet, any suggestions?

this does not workwhat else can I try to get it to open you can't even see it from my lock screen no matter what I do

Use Mi-EasyAccess on the lock screen to access up to six apps without having to first unlock your phone .

Customizing Mi-EasyAccess
1 . From the home screen, tap Apps > Mi-EasyAccess .
2 . To add an app to an empty slot, tap +and tap the app you’d like to add .
3 . To remove an app, tap 'x' in the corner of the icon .

Using Mi-EasyAccess
1 . Press the Power key to wake the phone .
2 . Spread two fingers apart on the screen to open the options menu .
3 . Tap the app you’d like to access .

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