How to turn off safe mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini?

I accidentally hit a button & it turned my Safe Mode on. How do I get it turned back off?

thanks for all the posts - a bent volume bar was my problem (pressed it with a fingernail!), and I followed the above instructions (plus a YouTube video on disassembly) to access the volume bar and straighten it. Nothing else had worked for me.

My Samsung somehow managed to get stuck in safe mode so I took out the battery whilst the device was still on, left it out for about a minute and then put it back in and turned it back on. It seemed to work :)

I just disassembled my wife's S4 mini and straightened the volume control bar carefully using pliers. It now works perfectly, no more Safe Mode. The Volume button was sticking before -probably due to being dropped - so the software went into Safe Mode in response. Anyway, all sorted now. :)

Just an FYI, you cannot remove apps . The only way to remove safemode if it is an app that is corrupting the phone, is to do a factory reset.

Doing multiple restarts solves the safe mode problem.

My phone became stuck in safe mode a few days after the volume button on my phone was damaged ,( it was dented slightly and stuck in one position). I tried all the reboot/battery options with no success but I am very relieved to say I have now completely fixed the problem following the advice of taking the phone apart to fix the volume button. I did this with apprehension as I am just an average phone user with no expert knowledge or expertise but it worked a treat. We took the back plastic cover off, removed the battery & then carefully removed all the the screws. Helpful tip for this bit is to use a tiny screwdriver like you would use to tighten screws on spectacles, some tweezers to hold the screws & make sure you have a tray to put them in so none are lost. We then used the tweezers to help separate the back half from the front which enabled access to the volume button from the inside. Again using the tweezers we gently pushed outwards on the button until it was less bent & not stuck in positon (able to be pressed again freely). We then put the two halves of the phone back together again and before putting all the screws in we put the battery in & tested it & to my relief everything came on fine, the safe mode had disappeared & all my social media sites were immediately back on. Then screws all carefully replaced, back cover on & one happy lady with no costly repair bill !!!!

Valerie McQueen
Valerie McQueen

I have this problem as my down button is stuck so someone advised me to hold up volume, power button and home button all at the same time then it reboots without safe mode on . It's the only thing that worked for me and I had tried all the above suggestions. Hope this helps.

Woah man.Able to off safe mode also down volume is bend. Now can use my personal apps like fb, viber, messenger and even what apps

Get a technician to replace the volume button. Then remove the battery. Works like a charm.

Sylvia Morris

taking battery out worked for me too - thanks

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