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How do I transfer pictures from Sanyo Katana LX to my laptop?

I live in Canada so I am not a customer of the "Sprint" that the manual is talking about and the Sprint website doesn't even allow me to ask a question. Help! What do I do? I will be changing phones and I don't want to lose all my pictures! Thanks!

Pictures taken on the Sanyo Katana LX cell phone can be uploaded to the Internet from the phone. Downloading photos from the Katana LX requires an online photo album or picture mail account so that the pictures can be recovered and downloaded once they have been moved from the phone. The process is simple and can be completed in approximately five minutes.


Uploading Photos
1. Flip the Katana LX open by lifting its top lid to display the LCD screen and keypad.
2. Press the "OK" button in the middle of the directional keys above the keypad to access the unit's main menu.
3. Use the directional keys to scroll to the "Camera" folder.
4. Go to the "Pictures" folder, which will be listed as a subfolder of the "Camera Settings" folder.
5. Press the "Options" key once you have accessed the pictures. Scroll through the "Options" list and select "Upload."
6. Check the box next to each picture you want to upload to the online photo album and then press "OK."

Downloading Photos
1. Open your computer's Internet browser to your cell phone service provider's website.
2. Log in to your cell phone's online photo album or picture mail account by entering your cell phone number or user name and password into the appropriate data forms on the web page.
3. Click on "Sign In" or "Log In." Your browser will redirect to your account's homepage.
4. Click on the "Inbox" or "Uploads" link when the account homepage opens and browse through the pictures displayed.
5. Right-click over the picture you want to download and select the "Save Picture As" option. source

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