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How do I transfer pictures from Samsung Rugby III to my computer?

Even if they have beed deleted can i recover the photos

You can connect your device to a PC as a removable disk and access the file directory. If you insert a memory card in the device, you can also access the files directory from the memory card by using the device as a memory card reader.

1. Insert a memory card into the device to transfer files to the memory card.
2. From the Idle screen, press MenuSettingsConnectivity ➔ Select USB ModeMass Storage to make sure Mass Storage is set as the USB mode. Navigate back to the Idle screen.
3. Attach your device to the computer with the USB cable. Your computer recognizes the connection and displays the AutoPlay screen.
4. Click the option to Open device to view files. You should see a Removable Disk folder.
5. Copy files to or from the PC from or to the memory card.
6. When finished, close the PC folder and disconnect the USB cable

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